Hi, my name is Pelle, and I'm the guy who runs the one-man-operation that is Tonerig. I started Tonerig effort to combine my love for technology with my love for music.

I strive to make inspiring music software that I want to use myself, and share it with other artists around the world, in the hope that they will make amazing music with it.


You can contact me at on email at "contact at tonerig dot com" (replace the bold words). I'd love to hear feedback and thoughts on my products, so please don't hesitate to write.

Sponsorships and Promotion

Tonerig is still a very young company, so I'm eager to spread the word about my products. If you think you'd be able help promote Instability by making a post on Instagram, including it in a YouTube video, or something else, please don't hesitate to contact me on email at "contact at tonerig dot com" (replace the bold words) or through Instagram.

I'm also very open to e.g. share my stuff with music schools and similar, so if you're a music educator or similar, let's talk.